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Set up a temporary Internet connection to broadcast your event live in outstanding HD quality using broadband technology. Our engineers will plan and coordinate your project in Switzerland and abroad. They'll identify the existing connections and organise any necessary additional equipment. Our team installs any extra lines required (fibreglass or copper) and when the big day comes around, they'll ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Factsheet Event Internet Services

Order temporary internet connections


Call us if you need a secure and hassle-free phone system – with no minimum contract period or SIM card costs. Our temporary phone lines offer an ideal solution for event committees with plenty to organise. By the way: for large-scale events, we can even extend the mobile phone network so that all your visitors can communicate without overloading the network.

Order temporary phone connections


Take advantage of radio signals that always hit the mark, in direct mode or via the telephone network. Our digital radio technology ensures your team can stay in contact during large-scale events. For example, it lets your organising committee stay in touch with the transport crew and security personnel.






Guaranteed access for your event. We install networks that enable all participants to access their data and emails. Protected networks that can only be accessed by authorised people are also available.


Ensure on-site performance. Powerful wireless networks for all event participants are par for the course these days. However on-site infrastructure is often ill equipped to handle an increase in Internet traffic. We have the skills and the technology to provide comprehensive WLAN coverage for large-scale events.

Mobile networks

Cover all your bases. We can also provide temporary event communication using high-availability mobile networks like 3G and 4G/LTE. Even under difficult conditions.

Need a WLAN for your event?

I`m happy to help. 


Jürg Schönenberger

Phone +41 58 223 11 07

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I`m happy to help. 


Daniel Gamp

Phone +41 58 223 11 07

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