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Event Interaction

Digital Signage Solution

Communicate with your visitors in real time. With our digital signage solution,you can ensure your visitors are always up to date with the latest information. Broadcast your messages anywhere on as many screens as you like and improvethe impact of your communications. Thanks to a web-based content managementsystem, you have the flexibility to access and manage your content at anytime.

Factsheet Digital Signage Solution

Live Voting

With the Live Voting tool you get immediate opinions and votes from your audience and attendees play an interactive role in events with the web app. Immediate feedback through the various voting and comment options adds a sense of dynamism and fun to your presentation.


  • Multiple Choice Voting
  • Single Choice Voting
  • Ranking
  • Pinboard
  • Word cloud
  • Q&A

Factsheet Live Voting


Treat your visitors to bite-sized bundles of information. For festivals, conferences or trade fairs – event apps ensure that your guests won't miss a thing. News, programme information, site plans, photo galleries and much more... all lovingly prepared by our software experts. For iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones.

Factsheet Event App

Swisscom Event - App Showcase

See for yourself by downloading the free Showcase event app here.

Social Media Wall

With the Social Media Wall, you can view posts, tweets, photos and videos – in other words, your entire interactive world at once. The social media channels that you would like to view are summarised and graphically displayed in real time. Link your event to your audience and increase the visibility of your social media activities. The Social Media Wall encourages your audience to share event moments as they experience it, increasing the reach of the event in real time.

Factsheet Social Media Wall

SMS/MMS Service

Start a dialogue and effortlessly obtain valuable marketing statistics. Entertain your guests with quizzes, competitions and opinion polls via SMS and MMS. This innovative technology will also enhance your image as a cutting-edge company.

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I'm happy to help.

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