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What is NATEL® Login?

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What is NATEL® Login?

NATEL® Login gives you access to:

Swisscom mobile Internet services, e.g. TV air. If you are using one of these services on your mobile phone whilst connected via the mobile network, you will be logged in automatically via your SIM card.

All Swisscom Internet services that explicitly offer the NATEL® Login on their log-in form (e.g. Swisscom TV air, Customer Center).

You can use any NATEL® number as the NATEL® Login. You have to ensure that you are holding the device every time. For security reasons, we will send you an SMS code to the specified number each time you log in. You then have to enter this code in order to log in.

Where can I register my NATEL® Login?

Your NATEL® Login can be registered in the Customer Center in the "Passwords and logins" section. Swisscom currently supports two NATEL® phone numbers for NATEL® Login:


  1. One login number for your mobile phone, which you usually have with you at all times (standard)
  2. One login number for an additional device, e.g. for an iPad. (additional device)

Which Swisscom services support NATEL® Login?

Swisscom is continually expanding the range of services that support NATEL® Login. At the moment they are Swisscom TV air and certain functions offered by the Customer Center (addresses, billing, payment status, contracts, Swisscom TV etc.).