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With COMBOX® pro you can receive messages by phone or fax at all times.


100 x 3 minutes

Storage capacity

Fax service

Receive, print and forward


Forward messages by email

CHF5.–/month Order
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A Swisscom fixed-network connection is required


Manage COMBOX® pro conveniently in the Customer Centre

To Customer Centre


COMBOX® pro - Your virtual answering service with plenty of additional functions

With COMBOX® pro you can receive messages by phone or fax at all times. Your answering machine will receive all calls that you cannot answer in person. It records messages from callers and registers faxes digitally. You do not require an additional device.

Use your COMBOX® pro from any phone worldwide; listen to messages and return calls at the press of a button. You can also access the contents and settings of your COMBOX® pro from any PC with Internet access at any time.

Main features of COMBOX® pro

Storage capacity 100 x 3 minutes, messages can be stored permanently; messages are automatically deleted one day after you listen to them and new messages after 30 days
SMS notification About received messages to up to 3 phone numbers
Personal greeting - domestic 2 different greetings with or without phone number announcement
Personal greeting - abroad With or without message storage
Personal absence notification
Callers cannot leave messages
Online managemen In the customer centre
Message forwarding Forwarding of voice messages and faxes to up to three email addresses
Fax service Received faxes can be forwarded to a fax machine or sent on to an email address in PDF format
Time announcement Can be switched off

The COMBOX® functions are free to use. Swisscom charges the standard connection costs for listening to messages within Switzerland using another telephone.

Further information about COMBOX® pro

Key functions when using COMBOX® pro

You can select the following commands on the phone keypad when listening to messages.


1 Call back
2 Save
3 Delete
4 Listen again
6 Read out caller’s phone number
9 Settings
0 Read out all key functions
# Next message


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