Call management

Customer CentreIn the customer center adjustable Telephone keypadAbout telephone keyboard adjustable App/clientAbout Business telephony App/client adjustable Telephone callAction during a conversation on the telephone App/client callAction during a conversation about business telephony App/client Router (Centro Business)Attitudes directly in the router  
Direct call forwarding *21 destination number # Forward all calls automatically.
Call forwarding if no reply *61 destination number # Only forward missed calls.
Call forwarding if line busy *67 destination number # Forward calls if line is busy.
Call forwarding if no connection (Forwarding in the event of faults) Remain contactable if no Internet is available.
Call forwarding with/without warning Transfer calls to any phone number.
Call transfer (ISDN telephones only) Transfer a call to another phone number without answering it.
Call hold Press R or • (flash button).
Music on hold Non-changeable function. 

Incoming calls

Automatic name display Non-changeable function.
Call waiting During a call, an incoming call will be indicated with a bleep.
Simultaneous ringing Determine which phone numbers should ring simultaneously when a call is received.
COMBOX® basic and pro Online answerphone.
Reject anonymous calls *99# *99#  
Reject incoming calls (blacklist) *00# *00# Reject calls from withheld numbers.
Do not disturb *26# Define which numbers you do not wish to receive calls from.

Outgoing calls

Assign number type  
Assign speed dial number  
Assigning phone numbers Assign an existing or new phone number to the Centro Business analogue ports.
Automatic redial *52# *52#  
Three-way conference  
Withhold number and name display *31# *31# Your phone number and name will not be displayed to the person you are calling.
Display outgoing phone numbers Define which phone number should be displayed to the person you are calling.
Display landline number for calls from mobile Non-changeable function. Only available with the Business Telephony app.
Block outgoing calls Prevent unwanted phone numbers being called from your phone.