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Business Telefonie

Business Telephony

Wing receives four simple steps and your fixed network number

1. My SME Office

You must this have new My SME Office to be able to use the business Telephony App on your smartphone or PC.

My SME Office

2. Activating and loading

Activate the phone numbers for the use this one/the business's telephony App/clients and invite your employees. Simply send invitations directly out of the customer center.

Sending invitation

3. Putting password

Don't care about details or safety. Every employee simply activates the entrance after that himself.

4. Make calls!

After the software installation you and your employees immediately lot telephony reindeer can!

This is Business telephony

Never again trouble with the call forwarding

You put for call forwardings one, identical where are they in the business, at home on vacation.


You protect your private life

NATEL remains ® number privately the private. Business calls at the family meal or on vacation were yesterday.


Serious appearance thanks to fixed network number

You only express your business number and appear professionally.

The Business telephony App/client* 


Version 10.2 or higher



  XP, Vista, 7,8



Version 2.3 and up to 4


Up iOS 6 and iPhone 4

Load the App onto your mobile telephone now

Can I use a headset with Business Telephony?

PC Windows/OS X

You can use the Business Telephony app with a headset on your PC (Windows/OS X) and smartphone (Android/iOS). The app/client has been tested with various Plantronics1 headsets.

Using these headsets, you can use the pick up/hang up, mute on/off and volume functions individually via the buttons/controller on the headset itself.

Recommended and tested Plantronics products:

Headset Link to order headsets from our sales partner Suitable for
Plantronics Voyager Legend UC - B235 Windows PCs and smartphones (Android and iOS)
Plantronics Savi W7402 Windows PCs and smartphones (Android and iOS)
Plantronics Blackwire C435 Windows PCs and Mac (OSX)
Plantronics Blackwire C710 Windows PCs and Mac (OSX)
Plantronics Audio 628 USB Windows PCs and Mac (OSX)
Plantronics Calisto 620 Windows PCs and Mac (OSX)

Not all headsets that are available on the market have been tested and certified. However, other manufacturers’ models or headsets not listed here may still work without any problems. Wired headsets can also be plugged into the relevant jacks on your PC (audio/microphone sockets). These can be used without the headset buttons (volume, pick up/hang up, etc.).


Mobiltelefon (Android/iOS)

You have the possibility on your smartphone of using the business Telephony App with a Headset. The App was tested with some Headsets of the brand Plantronic and supports the use of a Bluetooth device for incoming and ending calls. Furthermore switching over the audio source is supported between the Bluetooth device and the mobile telephone during an active conversation.

Please note that these functions are currently unavailable or only partly available.
You can currently use these functions directly via the app/client. We will let you know as soon as they are available on the headset.


Tested Plantronic products :

Bluetooth-Headset: Voyager Legend, M155

Available in various one-line stores or Internet distributors. Today, Swisscom doesn't offer these.


Help & video instructions

Also make the use of the fixed network number possible for your employees if they aren't in the office. Simply send invitations to this with the necessary information directly out of your customer center.

These videos give you a better understanding of the new functions. Please select the film fitting your operating system.

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* The Business telephony App/client is containedly and free of charge My Kmu Office package per fixed network number in everybody. At the use in the inland with a NATEL ® infinity or NATEL ® business infinity-Abo with unlimitiertem data traffic, no additional costs arise. The use abroad otherwise is also free provided that you are connected about a WLAN be able to with costs attack roaming charges. We recommend you the Abos NATEL ® infinity or NATEL ® business infinity M, L or XL for the use abroad.