Emergency calls

  • Emergency calls are always placed with the relevant emergency services at the company site. This also applies to the business communication app being used away from the company site. For this reason, using the business communication app for emergency calls away from the company site is strongly discouraged. When using the business communication app with a smartphone, location tracking via the mobile network or the SIM card only occurs in exceptional cases, if the mobile device has a SIM card configured for voice telephony and the 112 emergency number is dialled.




  • Depending on the communication package and version, minute rates, unlimited free calls in all Swiss fixed and mobile networks and a limited number of international call minutes are included. Your administrator can advise you on which communication package and version you have.
  • Depending on the product, a limited number of international call minutes is included (country group 1, i.e. EU, USA and Canada). Calls to numbers booked with Smart Business Connect/Mobile Business Communication are always free. There is a fair use policy for all included call minutes. Visit for more details



  • No costs are incurred when the business communication app is used abroad with an inOne mobile or inOne SME mobile subscription. Use with WLAN access is also free abroad. Roaming costs may be incurred as soon as you are not connected via WLAN abroad.
  • We recommend inOne mobile or inOne SME mobile with integrated services abroad and a suitable data speed.



Reliably connected

  • Thanks to Internet Backup your Internet is available even when there is a network fault so you can continue to make calls


What to do in case of loss/theft of mobile

  • Even if your mobile phone is PIN code-protected, this does give it 100% protection from misuse. Your business communication app account has to be deactivated in the Customer Center. Please contact your company administrator to do so.


Device/SIM card replacement

  • SIM card replacement has no effect on the business communication app. It is saved on the device and can be reactivated or continue to be used via the same user name/password.
  • Delete the business communication app on the old device if you swap your mobile phone to prevent it being used by someone else. Download the business communication app to the new device. You can then log in as usual with your existing user name and password.