Your fax machine with landlinetelephone (IP)

Your fax machine with landlinetelephone (IP)

Your fax machine with landlinetelephone (IP)

If you use new fixed-network telephony (IP), you can continue using your fax machine (except ISDN fax machines). Please note that you just need to plug your fax machine and landline telephone directly into the router and that the maximum transmission speed for faxes sent via IP telephony is 14,400 bps.


  • The document is not being completely transmitted, whole pages are being lost.
  • The fax machine cannot send a document, the transmission is failing.


Possible solutions

In most cases, these two simple steps can help to resolve problems with your fax machine:

  • Switch off the Error Correction Mode (ECM) on your fax machine.
  • Reset the transmission speed as 9,600 bps. By doing this, you will increase the likelihood that your fax machine will successfully transmit documents.


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