E-billing – simple, quick and secure

Want to save time when paying your bills? You can receive, check and pay your bills securely through your e-banking service. With just a few clicks, you can pay your bills simply, quickly and securely.

E-billing in just a few steps

Register to receive e-bills through your e-banking or e-finance (Postfinance) service. You can find instructions and other information here.

In order to make it easier for you to register for e-billing through your e-banking service, we have compiled some important information for you from various banks and the post office.

Select Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd as biller. To do this, you will need your billing address and account number (written on your Swisscom bill) – a simple one-off task that will pay off in the long term!
From now on, you will be able to receive all incoming bills and pay them with a few clicks through your e-banking service. You can view current costs at any time in the Online Customer Centre or via the My Swisscom App.

Enjoy numerous benefits:

Simple – with just a few clicks

Pay your bills with little effort and as simply as possible. With e-billing, you can pay your bills through your e-banking service in just a few steps – it’s quite self-explanatory. Receiving, checking and paying bills is child’s play.

Quick – no need for laborious typing of reference numbers

Ease your workload and/or that of your accounts department by paying your bill at the touch of a button: with e-billing, all the relevant information is already stored in your e-banking service. That means you will never have to type in a reference number again, saving you time and avoiding typing errors.

Secure – maximum security

Maximum security is guaranteed: Swisscom e-billing meets the highest security standards. Banks and Postfinance use the most secure e-banking systems around. As a customer, you will benefit from the highest possible security level.

Flexible – anytime, anywhere

With e-billing, you can access all the relevant information anytime, anywhere through your e-banking service, whether on your PC/Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Eco-friendly – practical for you, sustainable for everyone

As the icing on the cake, e-billing is not only time-saving and convenient, it is also good for the environment.


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