Notify move / change address

Notify move / change address

Move, change of address & name

Notify us here about your move, address or name change, or any change of contract subscriber for your products.

Notify us about your move/change of address

Notify us online about your home or business move as soon as possible.

Notify us in the Customer Center


We will send you confirmation by e-mail or post:
it is important that you check the new address and date on which your services are to be activated.

If you provide your mobile number when you notify us about your move, we will also send you an SMS when your products are available for use in your new home/company premises.

Moving into a new building

If you are notifying us about a move to a new building, we will need the following details:

telephone number or name of a Swisscom customer in the same building.


the plot or cadastral number, available from your landlord or the land registry office. It is also specified on the construction plans.


You can also change your correspondence or billing address in the Customer Center.

Configuring products after your move

Most Swisscom routers work as usual at the new location. The settings and saved data (WLAN name & password, operating times, telephone directory etc.) are preserved.
Swisscom TV also remembers your existing and planned recordings and channel lists.
Did you change your fixed-network phone number when you moved? Reset your COMBOX® at the new location. All existing messages on the old number are deleted when the new number is activated at the new location.

Change of last name or company name

Have you changed your last name or company name? For example, after getting married, divorced or a company redesign.

Notify Customer Services about your new name:


Visit a Swisscom Shop: please bring along your ID card showing your new last name (a marriage certificate is not required). As an SME customer, please bring along the commercial register excerpt showing the new company name.
Find a Swisscom Shop near you.

Transferring or accepting a subscription

Would you like to transfer/accept a contract/phone number to/from someone else?

This situation may arise after a divorce, when a flatmate moves out, in the case of a death or to transfer a company to a new owner, for instance.

Notify us of a change of owner here: