New design in the router portal

  • The layout and the navigation structure (PDF) in the router portal have been revised and selectively optimized.
  • In the login window, the user can now select initially whether the access should be made via an encrypted https-connection or not.

Improved WPS settings in the router portal

  • The user can specify under the WLAN menu item, whether or for which WLAN exactly (WLAN 1, WLAN 2 or guest network) the WPS function should be available (for the connection of additional devices), if the WLAN key at the Centro Business is pressed for 5 seconds or WPS is started via the router portal. Important: for security reasons, the WPS function is deactivated after each restart or a router reset.

Outdated WPA encryption for the WLAN has been removed

The interim WPA encryption standard is no longer supported. Older devices that only support WPA must be connected to the Internet as an alternative. All newer WLAN devices automatically connect to the standard WPA2 encryption.

Various bug fixes.