Firmware upgrade for the Centro Business routers

Firmware upgrade for the Centro Business routers

Firmware upgrade for the Centro Business routers

Swisscom regularly upgrades the Centro Business routers with the latest firmware. This way, you continue to benefit from state-of-the-art functions and improvements even after purchasing. The upgrades are performed automatically and usually at night.

The firmware is the software that provides all the functionalities on your router. On this page, you can find out everything about the latest firmware release and the improvements and new functions that come with it.


Centro Business Firmware Release Notes

Latest firmware:

7.10.10 sig

All Centro Business routers will be automatically upgraded to the latest version over the next few weeks.

Information on the latest firmware release:


New functions:

  • Introduction of IP dual stack IPv4 and IPv6
  • New IP Passthrough for Local Security Gateway use case
  • WAN reset from router GUI always available
  • VPN can be set up without fixed IP address
  • Firewall fully adapted for LAN and DMZ
  • Port forwarding (NAPT) fully adapted
  • Number allocation adapted for analogue telephones
  • Device list adapted

Corrected faults:

  • With 1:1 NAT, inbound traffic from the Swisscom data centre is now correctly routed and response packages are no longer discarded
  • ISDN phone Aton CLT615 continues ringing after 35 seconds
  • WLAN button on the router now works correctly after factory reset
  • WLAN printer connection problems resolved
  • Guest WLAN now works even if public IP pool is active as DHCP
  • DTMF dialling now supported on SIP telephones in LAN in accordance with RFC2833

Known faults:

  • USB hard disk cannot be used if Internet Backup stick is plugged in
  • USB hard disk cannot be accessed via VPN connection
  • Telephone port allocation “only for outgoing calls” is correctly signalled as error. However, the misconfiguration can only be corrected with “Restore automatic allocation” or a new allocation for “incoming” and “outgoing” calls
  • NetBIOS name of LAN devices is sometimes wrong
  • Signalling of call forwarding is blocked by CB and not forwarded to Rubin 40 ISDN device
  • Sending a fax from one Centro Business to another Centro Business or to a Centro Grande Pirelli can stop working after a while
  • Although a new call received during an existing call is correctly signalled, a loud, distracting noise can also be heard


  • Do not revert back to a previous firmware version (all configuration data will be lost)!

Did you notice any errors or do you have suggestions regarding the latest firmware release?


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