MyStrom Energy Control Switch

MyStrom Energy Control Switch

MyStrom Energy Control Switch

Plug the Energy Control Switch into an electrical socket. Connect the Energy Control Switch to your wireless network. Connect a device to the Energy Control Switch outlet. The Energy Control Switch allows to monitor power consumption.


The controls are possible through :

The Swisscom Internet-Box app (recommended – simple installation)

  • the myStrom app (new design and features)
  • the myStrom website (

The Energy Control Switch is different compared to the previous myStrom range, the new adapters :

  • allows only energy management (not internet connection)
  • it is based on WLAN, not Powerline
  • no need to have a « Powerline ECO LAN Starter-Kit » to enjoy energy management features, only a router with WLAN (Internet-Box, Centro grande) or a WLAN access point (WLAN Booster, Magic Box) is needed.



Planning connections and disconnections


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