Powerline Adapter

Powerline Adapter

Powerline Adapter

In April 2015, Swisscom has introduced a new range of Powerline adapters :

These adapters allow wireless connectivity using existing electric wires, and they fit perfectly for connecting one or more TV-Box that are not in the same room as your router.

These new adapter have the connection feature only, they cannot measure power consumption or remotely switch a device ON/OFF. Another device will allow those features, it will be introduced later. It has the same housing but it is white and green (the connectivity devices are white)


They are available :

  • As a starter kit (pair of adapter) to connect wirelessly one device: the Powerline Connection Kit;
  • As a single adapter to connect wirelessly an additional device: the Powerline Connection Adapter. To use the Powerline Connection Adapter you need to install a the Powerline Connection Kit first.


There is only one LED :

  • Off : no power supply
  • White : Powerline connection OK
  • White blinking : pairing ongoing
  • Red blinking : no Powerline connection

Strong points

  • Network connection through the existing electrical network up to 100 Mbps
  • Simple installation (Plug & Play)
  • Compatible with Swisscom Internet Gateways (Internet-Box, Centro family)
  • Compatible with Swisscom TV-Box (Mediaroom and TV2.0) or any device with a Ethernet port (e.g. TV-Box, computer or game console)
  • Convenient with the pass-through feature (integrated power socket and network filter) – power outlet is not lost
  • Low power consumption (less than 3W under full load), integrated power save mode
  • Secure/encrypted transmission (AES 128 bit)
  • Very compact housing

      NEW RANGE       OLD RANGE  
    NEW Powerline Connection Kit DUO NEW Powerline Connection Kit NEW Energy Control Switch                   Powerline ECO LAN Starter-Kit Powerline ECO LAN Adapter Powerline ECO Control Adapter
  Network Connectivity  
  Power consumtion measure  
  ON/OFF Switch  
  Scheduling of the ON/OFF Switch  
  Needs anything to work? NO New Powerline ECO LAN Starter-Kit NO (*)   NO Powerline ECO LAN Starter-Kit Powerline ECO LAN Starter-Kit
  Price 99 59 39   129 69 39

What is Powerline ?

What is the difference between the new Powerline adapters and the previous generation?

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The new Powerline adapters are not working in my home. What can I do ?

Do I need an app or a smartphone to use the new Powerline adapters ?

Is it possible to combine the new Powerline adapters with previous generation adapters ?

Is it possible to combine the new adapters with Powerline adapters produced by other companies?

What to do if there is a problem with connection ?

How to reset an adapter ?

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