WLAN Repeater

WLAN Repeater

WLAN Repeater

The WLAN Repeater extends the coverage of your WiFi network while offering an excellent performance. It is compatible with all WiFi-enabled Gateways and Routers as well as Swisscom Access Points. DualBand, it makes the most out of 5GHz devices such as the Swisscom Internet-Box, Magic-Box and WLAN-Booster.

The WLAN Repeater integrates the latest technologies, is simple to install and allows a fast and reliable Internet access in all the rooms.

Note: The WLAN Repeater is NOT SUITABLE for a WiFi connection with the Swisscom-TV 2.0 Box!

You most probably don’t need to configure the WLAN Repeater – you just need to install it to be able to enjoy its advantages.

To do so:

Connect the Repeater to an electrical outlet close to your Gateway or Router, pair it to the router by pushing the WPS button, then place the Repeater at the desired location.  You can then connect your devices to the WLAN Repeater. To do so, you can use the WPS Button on the WLAN Repeater.

For additional information, please refer to the WLAN Repeater User’s Manual.

Tip: what is the best location for the WLAN Repeater?

Finding the right location is essential for the optimal functioning of your WLAN Repeater – it should be placed in the middle, between your Gateway/Router and the location that lacks WiFi coverage. 

Manual Connection to the WLAN Repeater

If one of the devices you wish to connect to your WLAN Repeater does not have a WPS button, please consult the list of visible networks. One of the visible networks will bear the same name as your usual WiFi network but will have the “-RPT” suffix. This is the network you should connect your device to – and the password is the same as your usual WiFi password. 

In case you encounter an installation problem or the connection is lost: 

Switch the WLAN Repeater off then on again by using the switch at the back.


If this does not solve the problem: 

  • Reset the Repeater by inserting a paper clip in the “Reset” hole a the back of the Repeater and keep pressing for 4 seconds, until the Power LED starts blinking white.
  • Repeat the installation step by step (see Installation manual).

Reminder: location is essential to the good functioning of your Repeater – it should be placed in the middle, between your Gateway/Router and the location that has been lacking WiFi coverage. 

Note: If you replace your Internet Gateway/Router (to get a newer model or in case of a replacement), you might have to reset your WLAN Repeater and install it all over again, even though your WiFi network name (SSID) and password have remained unchanged.

If you wish to configure your WLAN Repeater manually, you can use the web User Interface. Please do the following:

  1. On your computer, enter in your browser ‘s address bar. 
  2. Enter your Internet-Box Administrator password (use your current password or click on “First login or forgotten password” to reset or generate a new password)
  3. When you’re logged in, click on “Network” then on “Device List”
  4. In the list, the Repeater is called “WLAN-Repeater”. Find the line where the MAC address that matches the one printed on the sticker of your WLAN Repeater (on the sticker the line starts with “MAC”) et write the corresponding IP address.
  5. on your computer, enter this IP address in your browser’s address bar
  6. Enter your credentials (default password is “password”
  7. The default password must be changed when you connect for the first time
  8. You can now access all settings of your WLAN Repeater.

Example of Advanced Settings: change the name emitted by the repeater


From the top, during normal usage, only one of both LEDs – the 2.4 or the 5 GHz LED – is lit and not both.

5GHz LED (green or red)

this LED indicates the status of the connection between the Gateway/Router and the WLAN Repeater.

  • This LED is continuously lit green if the connection is established and its quality is good.
  • This LED blinks green when the connection is being established or when the manual pairing process (WPS) has been initiated (during the WPS pairing, both 2.4 and 5GHz LEDs are blinking green, at the same time).
  • This LED is continuously lit red if the connection has been established but of mediocre quality. Please place the WLAN Repeater closer to your Gateway/Router. 
  • This LED is blinking red if no connection at all could be established. Please refer to the Chapter “installation problems or if the connection is lost”. If both 2.4 and 5GHz LEDs are blinking red at the same time, the WLAN Repeater has not been installed yet or it has just been reset.

Power LED (white)

  • This LED is continuously white when the Repeater is electrically powered
    This LED is blinking white once the Reset has been initiated (to do so, push a paper clip into the Reset hole at the back of the Repeater for 4 seconds).

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