The WLAN-Booster : Configuration and help

The WLAN-Booster : Configuration and help

The WLAN-Booster : Configuration and help

The WLAN-Booster

Configuration and help

Introduction to the WLAN-Booster

The WLAN-Booster is an Access Point, it allows you to bring WLAN connectivity in the following situations :

  • Your main WLAN device (like the Internet Box) stands in a closed metallic enclosure or in the basement
  • Your main WLAN device has an insufficient coverage


The WLAN-Booster is a special Swisscom version of a well-known and powerful router. Beside various optimizations, the WLAN-Booster adds some functionalities that are unavailable on the retail version of the product

Strong points:

  • High performance, best in class WLAN
  • High range thank to 3 external antennas
  • Simple to use : plug it to your Router, power ON : it works. WPS button for easy pairing

Main characteristics:

  • Dualband 802.11AC WLAN
  • Wireless performance : up to 1.300 Mb/s (5GHz band), up to 450 Mb/s (2,4GHz band)
  • 5 gigabit Ethernet ports (one being used for connection to the router)
  • 3 external antennas (adjustable and removable)
  • WPS button

How to setup the WLAN Booster

Please refer to the user manual included in your WLAN-Booster pack. You can also download it here (4 languages) :

User manual in EN

How to use the WLAN Booster

To connect a wireless device to the WLAN-Booster :

Your device has WPS function

Your device does not have WPS function

To connect a wired device to the WLAN-Booster : just use an Ethernet cable between the device you want to connect to and any free yellow port of the WLAN-Booster.

How to access advanced parameters of the WLAN-Booster

The default configuration of the WLAN-Booster should fit most of your requirements. If you need to change some parameters, like the SSID and/or passphrase for example, please follow these instructions :

Manual WLAN-Booster discovery

Automatic WLAN-Booster discovery

How to change WLAN parameters

WLAN parameters of the WLAN-Booster can be changed :

  • WLAN network name (“SSID”)
  • WLAN network passphrase

To change those WLAN parameters

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