Block incoming and outgoing calls

Block calls

Block incoming calls

With the Callfilter you avoid annoying and unsolicited advertising calls. The Callfilter automatically blocks incoming calls from numbers that have been put on a list according to specific criteria. This service is for free.


In the Customer Center you can activate the Callfilter in 3 clicks.

Individual call blocking

Next to the Callfilter, in the Customer Center you can also create an individual list with blocked numbers.


  • you can block the last call you received directly on your phone by entering *00#: this number will be added to your individual blockinglist.
  • If you own the latest Swisscom landline telephones (HD), you can also use the crown key to assign call blocking.
  • Please note that these call blockings can only be undone in the Customer Center.


Block outgoing calls

Prevent chargeable calls (i.e. 090x numbers or value added services) from being made from your landline telephone. You can block outgoing calls in the Customer Center:

The following options are available:


  • Block all numbers (no calls possible)
  • Block 0906 numbers (adult entertainment)
  • Block all 090x numbers
  • Block Carrier Selection (call by call) (which allows you to make calls using another telephone provider)
  • Block international connections, 090x numbers & Carrier Selection

Emergency numbers when blocked

Regardless of call blocking, the emergency number 144 is always available. General services and emergency numbers can be called even when blocking is activated.



How the telephone spam filter works

Posted by Swisscom News on 30.11.2017

The system sorts calls

How can you prevent unwanted cold calls? Swisscom’s call filter provides a smart and effective solution. Callfilter blocks 120,000 calls daily and continuously blacklists new phone numbers.



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