Testing your Swisscom Internet speed with the speed test

Testing your Swisscom Internet speed with the speed test

Speed test for DSL speed

Visit the independent test page operated by "CNLAB to check the speed of your DSL modem. If you would like to change the speed, visit the customer centre to adjust the speed of your Swisscom Internet access by switching your subscription. To do so, you need your Swisscom Login.

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How to proceed

  • Visit the CNLAB test page to run several speed tests and note down the download and upload data rates.
  • The DSL overview page provides the upload and download speeds for your DSL subscription. Compare these figures with the average values measured on the test page. The average values should be between the specified minimum and maximum values.
  • Speeds may vary depending on various factors (e.g. distance between the telephone connection and the telephone exchange, WLAN functionality, computer overload, etc.). Additional information can be found in the FAQ on the “CNLAB” test page.


Switching to a slower Internet connection immediately may be subject to charges if your minimum contract period has not yet expired. You will be provided with relevant information during the order process.

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