Solving Internet problems with Swisscom

Troubleshooting on your Swisscom Internet connection

Connection problems, no Internet access

Key facts at a glance:

There are many possible reasons for having no Internet connection. There can be a connection problem between the Internet Box and the Internet, or a problem in your own network with the computer itself, a cable, or the WLAN.

If you can’t get onto the Internet with your computer, first check the status LED on the Internet Box.

What colour is the status LED on your Internet Box?

LED does not light up

LED is red

LED is white

With the WLAN connection, please check the following:

  • Is your WLAN activated on the Internet Box?
  • Is your WLAN activated on the end device, and connected to the Internet Box?
  • Are you connected to the right WLAN network, and have you entered your WLAN password correctly?
  • Are you close enough the Internet Box, and not out of the WLAN range?
  • Restart the Internet Box and your end device.
  • If possible, try to connect your device with an Ethernet cable.



In all other cases:

  • Restart the Internet Box and your end device.
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1. Rebooting your DSL router

Reboot your DSL router by switching the toggle switch on the back of the router off and on again. Then wait at least 30 seconds and check if your Internet access works again and the problem has been rectified.

2. Checking your DSL router in detail

Is the “Power” LED on your DSL router lit?

No -> Check the power supply and the power connection.

Is the “DSL” LED on your DSL router lit?

No -> Remove the cable between the router and the telephone socket and reconnect it.

Is a micro filter connected to all telephones in your household?

No -> Remove all telephone cables that are not connected to a micro filter.

Is the “DSL” LED illuminated now?

Yes -> Continue with step "3. Continue with “Check you network connection”.

No -> Find the solution in the Support Community.

3. Check your network connection

A) With wireless Internet access:
Set up you wireless Internet access again.

B) With cable Internet access:
Is at least one “Ethernet” or “LAN” lamp on your DSL modem illuminated?
No > Remove the cable between the router and the computer and reconnect it.

Are you using the cables supplied by us?
No > Connect the supplied cables.

Insufficient range on your WLAN

A WLAN often has an insufficient range to cover several rooms or even storeys. If you have access problems, it is often helpful to change the position of the DSL router.


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