Troubleshooting WLAN connection problems

Troubleshooting WLAN connection problems

Troubleshooting WLAN connection problems

There are a variety of reasons why you may encounter a problem with the WLAN connection on your end device. In order to address the problem as thoroughly as possible, the various  troubleshooting measures that can be taken are shown below.  

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What's the problem?

Which devices are affected?

No connection on any device

Because all your devices are affected, you should focus your attention on the router and its location.  

Recommended solution

Check the router

  1. Is the power cable connected and the router turned on?
  2. Is the internet connection cable inserted correctly? Is the status LED white? 
  3. On the router, is the WLAN turned on?

(If you are using an additional device for WLAN, check this as well.)

Restart your end device to set up the WLAN connection again once you have made these checks. 

If the status-LED is still red a few minutes after the restart of your devices, the problem might lie with the telephone line.

Swisscom's Quick Check allows you to check the line. You can find Quick Check in the Customer centre; you need to log in to do so. 

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Other possible solutions

No connection on particular devices

Because not all devices are affected, you should focus your attention on the WiFi connection to the outer, the router settings, and the location of the equipment.

Recommended solution

Set up a WLAN connection

To set up a WLAN connection on your device, check whether the WLAN is turned on on your router, and then search on your device for available networks in your neighbourhood. Select your WLAN name, and enter your password.

You can get further support for setting up a WLAN connection here.


Other possible solutions

Customer Center

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Mobile Set up

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