090x numbers

Blocking 090x numbers and value added services

Telephone numbers beginning 0900, 0901, or 0906 are business numbers. Calls to these numbers can result in high charges. Value-added services are fee-based information and entertainment services which you can order by SMS/MMS or on the Internet. You can manage access to 090x numbers and value added services for your NATEL® oder NATEL® Easy subscription yourself in the Customer center and with the My Swisscom App.

Blocking access to 090x numbers and value added services

You can block access to specific kinds of 090x numbers (for example just 0901) or all 090x numbers (0901, 0906, and so on) and value added services. To do so, log in to the  Customer centre (under Mobile > Settings > Blocking sets) or to the  My Swisscom App (My number > Manage number > Blocking sets).

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