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SMS and MMS abroad

SMS and MMS abroad

SMS, MMS and Video telephony abroad


  • With Swisscom, regardless of whether you send an SMS to a customer of a roaming partner or receive an SMS from them, where they are at the time is immaterial. What counts is who your contact person's network operator is.
  • SMS are now unable to be exchanged with just a few network operators. Swisscom is negotiating with these network operators and is constantly extending the possibilities so that it will be possible to send and receive SMS everywhere and in every network.

Tariffs abroad

Multiple SMS

Please note that SMS are billed by the number of characters used. Messages of more than 160 characters are charged at a rate of one SMS per commenced 160 characters. Due to the use of special symbols and other alphabets, the number of characters charged may differ from the number of characters displayed on the mobile phone


WhatsApp, iMessage

Please note that some applications generate automatic data traffic without you consciously using your smartphone. The PUSH function can be deactivated in your device settings.



  • To send and receive MMS you need a MMS-ready mobile phone that has been set up for the purpose.
  • Where you are, and where you are sending an MMS to, is immaterial.
  • He/she can then retrieve the MMS with this MMS ID from the Swisscom website.

Tariffs abroad

Video telephony

  • You cannot use video telephony over every network of every partner with whom Swisscom has a UMTS roaming agreement. Swisscom is negotiating with these network operators and is constantly extending the possibilities. Normal call tariffs are charged for video telephony.

Tariffs abroad


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