Setting up a network with additional PCs (LAN)

Setting up a network with other PCs

Setting up a network with several PCs

You can use an existing DSL Internet connection with several PCs or Mac computers in the same household – depending on your DSL router with or without a cable.

With Ethernet cable (LAN cable/network cable)

Connect your computers/laptops and DSL router to one Ethernet cable each.

Depending on the model, your router will have one, two or four Ethernet ports (yellow).

Connect your computers/laptops via WLAN (wirelessly)

If you have a WLAN router you can integrate WLAN-ready computers/laptops into your network via WLAN.


Use a WLAN adapter if your computer is not WLAN-ready, i.e. if it does not feature a built-in connection option with a WLAN.

Refer to the Swisscom Home network brochure. It lists a wide selection of connection options.

Setting up WLAN


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