Fair Use Policies

Fair Use Policies

Fair Use Policies

“NATEL® Infinity and inOne mobile subscriptions (including additional SIMs) are valid for normal personal use. Swisscom reserves the right to curtail or restrict the service or take other appropriate steps if it proves that usage considerably exceeds normal levels, or if there are justified indications that the SIM card is being used for special applications (e.g. surveillance, machine-to-machine, direct dial and continuous connections).”


  1. Swisscom defines “normal personal use” as normal mobile usage in conjunction with the use of the user’s SIM card in a mobile device for voice, SMS/MMS and Internet connections. In this case usage is unlimited.
  2. "Considerable divergences from normal usage" and "special applications" mean that the subscription is being used for a purpose other than intended (i.e. not of that of a normal mobile connection) or is being misused.


  • Surveillance applications with video, photo, voice or webcams
  • Use of the SIM card in a gateway, router, WiFi hotspot device, USB modem
  • Machine-to-machine connections such as in vending machines, for home monitoring, etc.
  • Use as a gateway
  • Direct dial and continuous connections, leased lines
  • Purely stationary usage
  • Usage behaviour that makes such intensive demands on the available network capacity that the latter is severely compromised for the remaining customers.


Misuse refers to unlawful usage such as fraud, spam etc.

If Swisscom presumes a case as described in Section 2, it will contact the customer to discuss the situation with them. Only in the event of a Section 2 case existing and the customer not being prepared to discontinue said usage, shall Swisscom take appropriate steps.


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