Notify your move online

Notify your move online

Notify your move online

Please inform us of your new address in due time so that the connection at your new address works from the very beginning.

Move check list

Please use our check list to ensure that you have all the necessary details at hand.

- Your new address

If no street name or house number is as yet available for the new building, we need the lot/land register number. You can ask the building administrator or landlord for it.

- Name of previous tenant

Without details of your predecessor, you must engage an electrician to perform the necessary switching in your house or apartment.

The electrician’s costs incurred are charged to you.

You can ask your building administrator or landlord for the name of the previous tenant.

- Date of line activation

Please notify us of your order in due time, ideally 14 days prior to the desired switching date, so that we can verify whether all the required services are available and can be provided on the desired date.

Information Please note that when you move home the line at your previous residence is automatically deactivated before the line is activated at your new address.

When you have all this information, you can notify us of your move online in the customer centre.


Charges for moves amount to CHF 43.–.

During a transfer Swisscom has to adapt entries in various technical systems. A technician also has to set up a connection in the telephone exchange.


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