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How can I switch automatic login on or off for My Swisscom?

How can I switch automatic login on or off for My Swisscom?

If you use My Swisscom in the 3G network, you have the option of being logged in automatically through the recognition of your mobile number. You can switch automatic login on or off in the Swisscom online Customer Center.

  • Visit
  • Log in using your Swisscom Login
  • On the left-hand side click on “My details”
  • On the middel of the page you will now see the category Passwords & logins: click on “Change NATEL® login”
  • You will now see one or more mobile phone numbers. Choose the number that belongs to the device on which you wish to disable the automatic login, click on “Change”
  • Activate or deactivate the option “Autmatically via SIM”
  • Click on “Continue”

Regardless of whether you use the automatic login function or not: We recommend you protect your mobile phone or tablet with a password to keep your private data safe in the event that your device is lost or stolen.

If you set up a personal hotspot on your mobile phone and allow it to be used by third parties, we ask you to disable automatic login. This will ensure that a third party cannot take advantage of the hotspot in order to access your customer information.


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