Option MultiLINE

Option MultiLINE

Option MultiLINE

The MulitLINE options give you up to 3 numbers and 3 simultaneous calls. The following two options are available:  

  • Option MultiLINE 2/2 landline connection with 2 numbers and 2 simultaneous calls
  • Option MultiLINE 3/3 landline connection with 3 numbers and 3 simultaneous calls 


You can subscribe to the options when you place your order, or simply sign up for them later online in the Customer centre. (Landline telephony (IP) -> Landline subscription options -> Manage)


Log in to the Customer centre

Manage your telephone number

You can decide which number will be shown when you make a call on each of your telephones. You can also specify which phone will ring when calls are incoming. You can also decide whether a phone will ring in response to calls to one, two, or all numbers. You can manage the telephone numbers in the Internet Box web portal or directly on the phone itself in the case of new HD phones (Montreux, Rousseau and Locarno). 

Managing telephone numbers in the Internet Box web portal  

The Internet Box allows you to make the assignments in the Internet Box web portal (independent of the end device). Enter http://Internet-Box in your internet browser to do so. You can find further information on this here.

Managing telephone numbers directly on your telephone

The HD Phones Montreux, Rousseau and Locarno allow you to make all the settings for incoming and outgoing calls on the telephone itself.  

You can find the settings for incoming and outgoing lines on the telephone's menu as follows:

Menu -> Settings -> Advanced settings -> Configure MultiLINE

Incoming lines

All the IP lines available for your connection will be shown. Assign the IP line (n) you wish to use as the receiving line (n) for incoming external calls to the handset (Setting: ✔).

Outgoing lines

All the IP lines assigned to the telephone set are shown. Specify the IP lines you wish to use as sending lines for outgoing external calls (Setting: ✔)


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