Adjusting your WLAN in the customer centre

Adjusting your WLAN in the customer centre

Adjusting your WLAN in the customer centre

When logging into the customer centre, you can change your network name (SSID), wireless password (WPA key), operating times or status of your WLAN online.

Activating and deactivating Wireless

Under “WLAN status” you will find the current status and adjacent to this the button for activating and deactivating WLAN.

Changing the network name and wireless password

The network name (“SSID”) and the network password (“WPA key”) are displayed under “WLAN settings”. Click on “Change Settings” to change these details.

If you see the text “Unavailable” next to “WLAN settings”, contact us.

Key facts at a glance:

The Internet Box WLAN can be easily turned on and off on the display. Further settings are easily and intuitive to make in the web portal. For example, there you will find the operating times feature, which allows you to turn the WLAN off automatically at night.

Turning the WLAN on and off

Your WLAN is easily turned on and off on the Internet Box display. To do so, select “WLAN” from the menu.

Looking up the name or password for your WLAN

Your personal WLAN access data – such as the name and the password for your WLAN – can be found on the Internet Box display. Select “WLAN” from the menu, and then “Show password”

Changing the WLAN name or password

You can change your WLAN name or your password in the Internet Box web portal. To do so, enter the address http://internetbox or and log in. 

Under “WLAN“ on the menu you will find the configuration options for the WLAN name and password.

Turning the WLAN on and off automatically (operating times)

As well as turning the WLAN on and off manually on the display, you can also regulate the WLAN operating times automatically. In the Internet Box web portal you can make individual choices about when and how long your WLAN is on. So if you wish you can have it turned off for the whole night (for example from 2300 at night until 0600 in the morning), or have different operating times at weekends than during the week. Different settings with several time slots can be made for every day of the week.

To set the operating times of your WLAN, log into the Internet Box web portal. Select “WLAN” > “Operating times” from the menu, and set the times by sliding the green bar.


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