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PIN and PUK / unblocking your SIM card

PIN and PUK/unblocking card

PIN and PUK / unblocking your SIM card

The PIN code stops unauthorised access to your mobile phone and data. With the PUK code you can activate your SIM card.

You can find both codes in your NATEL® subscription, Easy offer documents or in the customer center.

Unblocking your SIM card

  • Enter the PUK code and follow the instructions on your device to set a new PIN.
  • If you cannot find your PUK code, please contact the customer centre.

PIN code

PIN stands for “Personnel Identification Number”. The SIM card is protected against unauthorised usage through a four-digit code. Without the PIN code the phone is not operational, except for the emergency call function. If the code is entered incorrectly three times, access to the phone is blocked.


PUK stands for “Personal Unblocking Key”. The PUK code is an eight- to ten-digit code which you can use to reactivate a blocked SIM card and choose a new PIN code.

You can find your PUK Code in the customer center.

If the PUK code is entered incorrectly ten times, your SIM card can no longer be reactivated. You will need a new SIM card.


  • Always leave the PIN prompt activated.
  • Choose a PIN code that is hard to guess (i.e. not 1234, your year of birth, postcode, etc.).
  • Do not choose a series of numbers for your PIN that your mobile phone may interpret as emergency
    numbers (e.g. 117, 118).
  • Securely store the PIN/PUK codes separately from your mobile phone.


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