Protection of minors on mobile phones

Protection of minors on mobile phones

Protection of minors on mobile phones

Content that is not suitable for minors is also distributed over the mobile phone network. Swisscom uses state-of-the-art technology to block access to adult entertainment by children and adolescents.


By default, Swisscom blocks access to adult entertainment for all children and young people under 16 years of age. This includes pornographic material via SMS/EASYPAY as well as the use of 0906 numbers.


The blocking set is automatically deactivated after the age of 16. All the blocking sets can be reactivated in the Customer Center or by calling the hotline.

Log into Customer Center

Call barring sets

  • Block 0900 und 0901 numbers (business numbers, marketing, entertainment)
  • Blocking 0906 numbers (adult entertainment)

Blocking sets for SMS/MMS short numbers and Easypay/NATELĀ® Pay

  • Block adult entertainment SMS/MMS short numbers (6XX)
  • Block all SMS/MMS short numbers, Easypay/NATELĀ® Pay (payment of apps in app stores or Selecta vending machines) and adult entertainment (6XX). It is no longer possible to purchase Live Sports Events or videos from Swisscom TV Air.


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The most important steps for protecting your child:

Get alongside your children and agree some rules on using digital media. Read more on Medienstark (website in German), where families talk about how they use the media on a daily basis. You can also find practical tips about media education. 

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