Roaming fees for calls abroad

Roaming charges and technical requirements

Roaming charges and technical requirements

Swisscom works with more than 540 telecommunications companies around the world to ensure that you can also use your mobile phone when abroad. Additional charges will be incurred for this service (roaming).

You can be reached on your mobile phone number even when you are abroad. You can make calls, send SMS, transfer data, surf the Internet and listen to your COMBOX® messages as usual.

Roaming charges

Additional costs will be incurred because when abroad you are using the mobile phone network of a local provider who has entered into a contract with Swisscom. The roaming charges will be added to your Swisscom bill on behalf of the foreign providers.

  • Fees are incurred as soon as you use your mobile phone outside of the Swisscom mobile phone network.
  • Charges also apply if you accept a phone call when you are abroad.
  • There is no charge for receiving SMS when abroad.

New Roaming Tariffs as of 01.07.2013 (PDF, german)

NATEL® tariffs when abroad

Technical requirements

The infrastructure differs in different parts of the world. It is possible that there will be no network connection in certain places. Consult the Roaming table before you travel to check whether your mobile phone is compatible with the frequency ranges in your destination country (bi-, tri- and quadband).

Roaming partner networks


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