Using Swisscom hotspots

Using Swisscom hotspots when on the move

Using Swisscom hotspots when on the move

You can connect your iPhone to the Internet via WLAN at Swisscom's public hotspots. This connection is faster and more reliable than connection via the mobile phone network. If you have a Swisscom NATEL® Surf subscription, you can automatically log into the Swisscom hotspots by using the EAPSIM function. In this case, you will not pay the normal hotspot tariffs that are based on the time units, but just the data volume included in your subscription. For more information, go to Logging into hotspots automatically with EAPSIM.

How do I connect to Swisscom hotspots?

Step 1

Go to Settings and click "Wi-Fi".

Step 2

First of all, activate the WLAN connection by moving the Wi-Fi switch to the right. An automatic search for available networks takes place now. Then click the blue button () for the "MOBILE" network.

Step 3

If the connection was successful, a tick appears.

Step 4

Start the Safari browser and enter the Internet address required. The hotspot's welcome page will be displayed. Now select the type of access required.

Note for the use of WLAN in the office

The iPhone doesn't currently support prioritization of the WLAN networks which are automatically available. Therefore, please check in any event whether you are actually connected to your own professional WLAN network. Open the "Wi-Fi" option under "Settings". The check mark indicates which WLAN your iPhone is currently connected to.


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