Using WLAN at the office

Using WLAN at the office

Using WLAN at the office

The WLAN settings specify whether the iPhone uses local wireless Internet accesses for connecting to the Internet. This manual shows how to set up the connection with a WLAN. Please note: If there are no WLANs available or if you have deactivated the WLAN functionality, the iPhone connects to the Internet via your mobile network.

How do I connect to a WLAN?

  • Select "Settings", then "Wi-Fi" and enable the "Wi-Fi" option.
  • Wait a moment until the iPhone has detected WLANs in range and choose a network.
  • If necessary, enter the WLAN key and tap "Join". You will either have created the WLAN key for your WLAN yourself or will have received it from Swisscom in a letter together with your DSL modem. If you use DSL from another provider, please contact the provider concerned.

Automatic connection

Once you have connected manually to a WLAN, the iPhone activates this connection automatically whenever you are in range of this WLAN. If a number of networks which have been used previously are in range, the iPhone connects the network used last.

How do I prevent my iPhone connecting to an unwanted network?

Choose "Wi-Fi" and tap beside the network which you wish to ignore. Tap "Forget this network".

What do I do to connect to a closed WLAN?

Preliminary note: You must know the network name, WLAN key and security standard in order to access a closed network. If you wish to connect to a WLAN which does not appear in the list of detected networks, choose "Wi-Fi", the "Other" and type the name of the network. If you require a WLAN key in order to access the network, tap "Security". Choose the security standard which the network uses and enter the WLAN key.


Can I also use Swisscom hotspots with my data subscription?

Yes, you can use your iPhone to connect to the Internet via Public Wireless LAN at over 1200 hotspots around Switzerland. For more information go to using hotspots when on the move and logging in automatically with EAPSIM at hotspots.

Does the iPhone also support VPN connections?

Yes, the iPhone also supports VPN connections. To add a new VPN connection, choose "Settings", then "General" > "Network" > "VPN" and "Add VPN Configuration".
Ask your network administrator which settings you have to use. Once you have configured a VPN on your computer, the same settings can generally also be used for the iPhone. This means that a VPN can be used both via WLAN and via wireless connections.


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