Technical information

Technical information

Technical information

Information on ISDN, Interface properties and In-house installation.

Information on ISDN

Properties of ISDN, interface properties and requirements for in-house installation (analogue and digital).


The User Network Interface of the Public ISDN (PDF 437 kB).


Interface properties

Physical properties of the analogue user network interface at the network termination point.


Interface characteristics (PDF 138 kB)


Physical characteristics of the broadband Internet interfaces at the network termination unit (analogue subscriber connection).


Interface description (PDF 138 kB)



In-house installation

Requirements of the home installation for the analogue and digital network interface, incorporating the broadband Internet (DSL) connection for accessing the Internet.


Technical requirements (PDF 698 kB)

Informationen zu den Technischen Anforderungen (PDF 555 kB)



Fibre to the home (FTTH)


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Mobile Set up

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