Video telephony

Video telephony

Video telephony

Video telephony facilitates visual communication between individuals on a call, i.e. they can see the face of the other party or can stream other live images. We differentiate between two types of transmission.

The two prerequisites for this type of sound and image exchange is that both parties are in an area where 3G/UMTS is available, and that both the caller and the recipient of the call have a mobile phone with video telephony feature. Individual manufacturers such as Samsung have integrated the “video telephony” function as one of the standard telephone functions in their devices. Video telephony over the 3G/UMTS network incurs the same charges as regular telephone calls.

Video telephony over the data network

Services and apps specially developed for video telephony, e.g. Skype and FaceTime, allow video telephony over a fixed or mobile data network (Video over IP). If such a video call is made over the mobile data network, it does use up some of the included data volume.


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