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What are the Marketplace / Business Apps?

What are web-based applications?

The Business Apps offered in our Swisscom Marketplace simplify your day-to-day work and offer you extra benefits. Business Apps ‒ or web-based business applications ‒ are software solutions that can be used directly from your browser with minimum installation requirements or without having to install them at all. Business Apps are Swisscom's set of hand-picked, checked and supported apps. In other words, they are easy to use, the data is saved securely, and we guarantee the availability of support through the application manufacturer, partner or Swisscom.

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What are the advantages of web-based applications?

Economical - With Business Apps, you pay only for what you actually use. And you can test each business app before buying. Free of charge.

Mobile - Our Business Apps are web-based. Access them from anywhere ‒ no matter where you are or what device you are using.

Secure - Our web-based applications save your data in secure, dependable data centres. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

Cooperative - Business Apps are perfect to use in teams. Each authorised employee can access and share data at all times.

Environmentally friendly - Eliminate unnecessary hardware. This lowers both your costs and your eco-balance.

Convenient - You're always up to date. Business Apps make software updates and patches a thing of the past, since the manufacturer handles updates for you ‒ automatically and without requiring any action on your part.

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What are the benefits of Swisscom Marketplace?

Business Apps: professional solutions for your customers on a single platform:

  • A wide selection of business applications such as Microsoft Office 365, web hosting tools, HomePageTool, Storebox, EasyNewsletter, etc.
  • Modern: Cloud-based software that is always up to date and that doesn't require the customer to perform any maintenance; a leasing model instead of software purchases; pay for what you use; free trials; web-based (access from anywhere, native mobile and tablet versions); collaboration including internal and external sharing
  • Reliable and secure: All Business Apps are selected, tested and supported by Swisscom; enterprise-level security


Modern, powerful platform in a market with a secure future

  • The platform of choice for many competitors in the market
  • The strategic platform for Swisscom Business Apps based on in-depth evaluations of top platforms


A wide range of powerful features that are up to date and supported 24/7.

  • For example: the reseller role is integrated into the platform
  • Multiple views depending on role or requirements, e.g. reseller company list or user list
  • Lower costs for stakeholders due to fewer necessary customised developments


Ongoing development following a structured roadmap

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How does Swisscom select the applications?

The time-consuming filtering process is carried out exclusively by Swisscom on an ongoing basis from more than 500 applications – the best have been pre-selected for SMEs. Applications undergo a two-phase assessment by Swisscom to ensure that they meet the high standards of our customers.

Filter criteria:

  • Support: either by the application manufacturer, partner or Swisscom. Good availability, e-mail support at a minimum.
  • Hosting from Swisscom or providers that meet Swisscom security standards
  • Simplicity of applications (availability of tutorials)

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Will the application work with my browser/operating system?

The application developers use standard technologies. All browser types and operating systems used for modern business environments are supported.

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Do I need to install anything?

The majority of the Business Apps do not require installation, meaning that you don't have to worry about updates and you can automatically benefit from the latest version of each application.

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Where do I find my Business Apps?

Click here to access your Business Apps:

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Where do I find information about a certain application?

All available applications are found here. Clicking on an application opens the details view, which shows detailed information about features, benefits, tutorials and support channels for the application.

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