Removing the SIM lock

Removing the SIM lock

Unlocking the SIM lock

Prepaid device


If you wish to remove the SIM lock on your device, please note the following:


Your device must have been purchased at least 24 months ago.
Complete the form below to request an unlock code from Swisscom.
Follow the instructions below to unlock your device type.

SIM unlocking is not available for Comfort and M-Budget devices, Internet sticks/hotspots.


Complete the form with the relevant details to unlock your device. You will then be sent an unlock code via SMS.


Please follow the instructions below to unlock your device with this code.


Unlocking failed?

If unlocking failed, please contact us or visit us in your nearest Swisscom Shop.



As of 1 July 2013, Swisscom customers can use their iPhone with any SIM.

You can find details of how to unlock your iPhone at Apple.


Swisscom does not guarantee that an unlocked iPhone will work perfectly with a SIM from a different mobile phone provider. Before you unlock your iPhone, find out from your new provider what services are provided for iPhone (Internet access, MMS, Visual Voicemail, tethering, etc.).

Any limitations resulting from using a SIM from a different provider are not classified as device faults and are therefore not covered by the Swisscom guarantee.