Device code/SIM PIN forgotten or incorrectly entered

PIN and PUK/unblocking card

Device code/SIM PIN forgotten or incorrectly entered

Forgotten device code

You defined your device code/unlock pattern when you set up your device.

You can use this code/unlock pattern to unlock your display.

The device manufacturer determines how many incorrect attempts it takes before the device is locked and how to re-access your device. Swisscom has no influence on the unlocking mechanism and cannot reset the code.

Help for Apple devices

Forgotten SIM PIN

After restarting your device, you can unlock your SIM card with the SIM PIN. After entering the SIM PIN you can resume using the Swisscom mobile network.

If you enter the SIM PIN wrongly three times the SIM is blocked. You can no longer use the Swisscom mobile network, but you can continue to surf in the WLAN. You need the PUK code to unlock your SIM card:

The PUK code is available in the Customer Center

Please note:

If you have forgotten the SIM PIN and have not yet entered it incorrectly 3 times, your only choice is to do so and have the device unlocked via the PUK.

PUK entered incorrectly 10 times

If you enter the PUK code incorrectly ten times, we deactivate your SIM. You need a replacement SIM.


The PIN code stops unauthorised access to your mobile phone and data. With the PUK code you can activate your SIM card.

You can find both codes in your NATEL® subscription, Easy offer documents or in the customer center.