Replacing your SIM

Replacing your SIM

Replacing your SIM

You need a replacement SIM if:

  • Your SIM is defective or was stolen.
  • Your SIM is obsolete and must be replaced (this applies to all SIM that were issued before 2002).
  • Your new phone requires a new MICRO SIM or a new NANO SIM.

You can obtain a replacement SIM from any Swisscom Shop. Ask the Shop staff to assist you with transferring the contacts from your old SIM / your old device to your new SIM / your new device.

Ordering your replacement in the Swisscom Customer Center

Order a replacement SIM in the Customer Center, and have it send to an address you choose.  


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Ordering your replacement by telephone

You can also order your new SIM by contacting us. 

Activate your SIM

Text START SIM to 444 from your old SIM to activate your new SIM . Afterward you can insert the new SIM in the phone and use it.

Simple instructions for transferring your contacts

  • First copy the contacts from your old SIM to your mobile phone.
  • Then activate your new SIM (see above).
  • Insert the new SIM into your mobile phone and copy the contacts from the device to the new SIM.

Information for iPhone/iPad

iPhone and iPad save the contacts directly onto the device. The data does not need to be transferred from the old to the new SIM.

Step by Step instructions for your iPhone.

Android or Windows Mobile Phone

Save your phone data and contacts on a memory card (e.g. Micro SD) or via a Google Account (for Android smartphones) or Microsoft My Phone (for Windows Mobile).

Step by step instructions for your phone.

Unlimited mobile devices

To transfer your contacts use the SMS client in the Unlimited Data Manager (UDM) or Unlimited Connection Manager (UCM). If your Connection Manager does not support SMS, you can insert the replacement SIM in a mobile phone and send the text via the mobile phone. Your current SIM  will be deactivated and the new one activated. Now install the new replacement SIM on the device.

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