Repairing the mobile phone

Repairing the mobile phone

Here’s how:

1. Download and print application form

You can download a dispatch form for shipping your faulty phone from our Service Centre. Print out this form.

2. Complete form.

Cut the form in two along the dotted line. You now have a prepaid shipping
label and a delivery note.

3. Parcel up the phone

Put your mobile together with the delivery note in a suitable cardboard
box (for example Post Pac, a shoe box, etc). Please ensure that your mobile phone is packed with care. Now attach the shipping label to the parcel so that it can be clearly seen.


4. Send the phone for repair.

Take the package to Swiss Post Office branchor a Päckli PunktService available from  Kiosk, Avec, Press & Book. The shipping costs will be covered by Swisscom.


Important information

  • Turn off the iPhone "Find My iPhone" feature.
  • It is essential that you back up all personal data (contacts, calendar entries, photos, music etc.) before sending your phone to us.
  • Send your mobile phone (including the battery) WITHOUT the SIM card or memory card. Accessories should only be sent if they are directly related to the fault.
  • You will receive your repaired phone by post in about 14 days. There can be delays in some circumstances, for example if necessary spare parts are not immediately available.
  • If you need a replacement while your phone is in repair, please take your faulty mobile to a
    Swisscom Shop. Unfortunately we cannot offer a replacement through this online order.