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Data security

Rely on top security

Data is a valuable commodity. The protection of personal data, customer data and privacy in general is therefore extremely important. To ensure that security keeps in step with increasing digital networking, new, innovative solutions are needed in all areas of work. These include secure work processes, state-of-the-art data centres located in Switzerland, cost certainty and the sense that service providers can be trusted.

In which areas would you like more security in your everyday work?

With these possibilities, you can securely access your data and contacts:

Store my data on servers in Switzerland:

Store data securely in the Swiss Cloud with Storebox

Outsource big data to the Cloud with Dynamic Storage

Securely hosted data with webhosting

Continue using the mobile Internet during service interruptions

What our customers say

«Substantially lower costs and a sophisticated solution: our ICT infrastructure has arrived in the 3rd millennium!»

Max Enz
Managing Director, DD Consulting AG