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Increase flexibility in your everyday work

The world of work has changed significantly thanks to digitalisation. Flexible models are required in the business world: the concepts of “when” and “where” are becoming less and less important in an era when work can also be carried out on smartphones and tablets. Along with this increasing flexibility is a growing desire to avoid long-term commitment – either to fixed infrastructure or to rigid processes. Thanks to the latest technology, products and solutions are now more flexible and individual than ever before.

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Landscape gardener Michael Fischer now enjoys greater freedom.

What flexibility do you need in your everyday work?

These possibilities keep your data and contacts accessible, wherever you are:

Call from your landline number even when you’re away from the office and always appear professional:

Enjoy fast Internet access anywhere:

Access data securely from anywhere and benefit from data that’s always up to date:

With Microsoft Office 365 and data storage outside Switzerland

With Storebox and storage of all data in Switzerland

Save commuting and time with virtual online meetings and video conferences:

With Microsoft Office 365 

What our customers say

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«Now I can also make calls from my landline number on my mobile phone. This enables me to control who can contact me in different situations and to appear professional at all times.»

Michael Fischer
Owner ARTE verdana