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We can help you with the switch to All IP

What is All IP and why should I switch?

Traditional fixed network technology is outdated and originated before the Internet. As a result, the switch to forward-looking IP technology is taking place around the world. It's the same here in Switzerland. The move to All IP will allow Swisscom to create the technical foundation for digitising communication and securing our status as a business location. So Swisscom is planning to transfer all its services like voice telephony, TV or data to IP technology (IP: Internet Protocol) by the end of 2017.

How All IP benefits you


With All IP you can communicate and work without restrictions on any device, anywhere, any time.


Work and communicate wherever you are and with any device. Use the Business Telephony app to take your fixed network number out of the office, for example.


All IP enables new service models that optimise investment and operating costs while improving transparency. Simplified workflows, clear structures and mobile access to company data promise increased productivity and efficiency.

3 steps to All IP: how to proceed

I have straightforward requirements and wish to place an order

Straightforward requirements for telephony with no telephone system
Up to 5 employees
No special applications

I am unsure or have additional requirements

Additional telephony requirements or telephone systems
More than 5 employees
Special team functions
Integration of special applications

Here you can read our answers to the most frequently asked questions by SMES regarding the switch to All IP

1. What does All IP mean?

2. Why is analogue voice telephony being replaced with IP technology?

3. Which benefits does IP telephony offer for SMEs?

4. Will new devices be needed

5. Do I need to be proactive and contact Swisscom myself?

6. Our SME makes calls via ISDN. Will that still be possible?

7. How secure is voice communication via IP?

8. What would happen in the event of a power outage?

9. Do I need an optical fibre connection for IP telephony?



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