Fibre-optic network

Benefit from collaboration with Swisscom

Swisscom gives you the option to connect large superstructures directly with fibre-optics, even outside the fibre-optic network. Ask our specialists for advice and choose the technology of the future.

Ultra broadband for the whole of Switzerland...

We already provide a continuous optical fibre network in over 80 cities and communities. Thanks to a mix of different technologies, we are likewise providing increasingly high bandwidths outside of metropolitan areas.

...and for your new property.

Swisscom also provides you with the option of opening up major developments directly with optical fibre outside the optical fibre expansion areas. Let our specialists advise you and decide on the technology of the future.

State of the art technology and ready for the future.

Development, operation and maintenance are free.

Save the costs of the coaxial-/copper lines – rely on optical fibre.

Practically unlimited bandwidths (currently up to 1 Gbit/s).

Your tenants have a free choice of providers on optical fibre.

Your connection

The infrastructure in new buildings

Star-shaped wiring branches out from the connection in the flat distributor. The flat distributor and multimedia networking will allow future occupants to make use of all the options of modern communication and entertainment electronics without restrictions and in every room simply by exchanging devices.


This wiring is manufacturer-independent and is used by all reputable associations, network providers and manufacturers. Consequently, the consumer remains completely flexible regarding his telecommunications service usage.


Any questions? We are at your service

It is vital for your electrical planners to contact us in good time to ensure that we can plan enough time for the implementation and commissioning and no replanning costs arise.

We would be pleased to advise you and your electrical planners.

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