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Internet, TV & telephony perfectly set up

Our professional engineers set up your Internet, Swisscom TV and fixed network perfectly for the best function. You save valuable time and benefit from the know-how of our experts. In just a short space of time, everything is set up the way you want. Everything in the right place, installed, performance optimised and reliably configured. Our pros also show you how do things best so nothing is overlooked.


Basic services

Internet, TV & fixed network home set-up

Our professional engineers set up Internet, Swisscom TV and fixed network in your home. Singly or in any combination. They connect the devices, perform all the necessary settings for optimum performance, check that everything is working correctly and show you what to do. On request the engineer will also set up additional computers, TVs and phones.

Additional services

Wiring and further installation

We take care of your existing installation in additional to basic services or as an individual service. We extend your network wiring or run new wiring and connections. We also ensure that you can continue to use existing telephone sockets after All IP conversion. Or optimise the performance of your Internet connection.

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