Home installation services

Basic services

Please select the basic services you require.

Set up Internet and e-mail on a computer.

Set up blue TV on a television set.

Set up a fixed telephone network.

Additional services

Please select the additional services you require.

Wiring between two rooms with existing telephone sockets.

Wiring between two rooms without existing telephone sockets.

Connect Internet-Box 2 to distribution box.

Basic service details

Additional service details


All prices and availability subject to change. The prices specified and calculated in this overview are of an informative nature. The exact scope and cost of your order shall be agreed or notified to you when you place your telephone order.

The basic services do not include work such as wiring, drilling holes, moving telephone sockets etc. However, the service engineer can do this for you as well. Any such work is billed at cost at an hourly rate of CHF 140.– and is agreed with you on site.

Ethernet plus & easy

Only available if fittings and the existing home installation permits the respective work (no guarantee of performance). The home installation ducts must not be used by other wiring (e.g. audio systems). Device configurations are not part of the service. Multiple orders (for several rooms) are possible.