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Replacing ISDN

Replacing ISDN

The switch to fixed network telephony (IP) will replace ISDN but the latest technology promises many of the same benefits. The MultiLINE option means several telephone numbers and simultaneous calls will still be possible.

MultiLINE - for multiple simultaneous calls

With the MultiLINE options you receive up to two additional phone numbers, allowing you to make several calls at the same time.

You can add the following MultiLINE options to your subscription:

Option MultiLINE 2/2

Replacing ISDN telephones

The new fixed network telephony (IP) offers that are available to residential customers are not compatible with ISDN telephones (except with the basic service provision offers from 2018).* A Swisscom technician will modify the ISDN cabling in your home for free. Several options are available for replacing ISDN devices.

Use the latest fixed network telephones (recommended)

You can register and use the latest Swisscom phones (HD-Phones) directly at the router (wireless). Using an HD-Phone from Swisscom guarantees crystal-clear phone calls. Find details on all the telephones available here.

Continue to use the cabling in your home with analogue telephones

Do you use more than one telephone socket? Maybe your wireless devices lack the sufficient range? Traditional analogue telephones, like the Aton CLT116.

Further information

* The new basic service provision from 01.01.2018 allows you to acquire a free router with ISDN interface. Conventional ISDN telephones can still be operated on this router, but Swisscom advises against using ISDN telephones with the new IP fixed network telephony because the customer cannot benefit from the advantages of IP telephony, such as HD-Voice with the old ISDN devices.



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