• Technical support by experts
    for computers and smartphones

My Service for fast straightforward support.

From setting up your e-mail to installing printers or optimising computers. Our My Service experts can help with any technical issues. As part of an attractive subscription or single service.

Advice and tips


For your corporate network and all devices like computers, notebooks, TVs, smartphones etc.


For software like Office programs and mobile apps

Maintenance & setup


On computers, tablets, printers, smartphones etc.


For e-mail accounts (e.g. Outlook) on computers and smartphones


On anti-virus programs, firewalls and e-mail encryption

Technical support

For software and
data security

For using programs
and data

For solving technical

My Service offer

Standard subscription

For sole proprietorship


Telephone support



Support in a SME Centre

Included (for smartphones and tablets)

Support at your home

Time-based billing (CHF 40.- per 15 min)
Free call-out (worth CHF 80.-)

1 PC

Ongoing service optimisation 1)



Swisscom Academy

50.- voucher included 2)


My Service Abo Standard

CHF19.-/mth Go to order
${xtraDiscount} XTRA discount incl.
Instead of ${priceInstead}

Plus subscription

For small businesses


Telephone support



Support in a SME Centre

Included (for smartphones and tablets)

Support at your home

Time-based billing (CHF 40.- per 15 min)
Free call-out (worth CHF 80.-)

3 PC

Ongoing service optimisation 1)



Swisscom Academy

50.- voucher included 2)


My Service Abo Plus

CHF29.-/mth Go to order
${xtraDiscount} XTRA discount incl.
Instead of ${priceInstead}

Premium subscription

For anyone who regularly uses on-site support

Telephone support



Support in a SME Centre

Included (for smartphones and tablets)

Support at your home

Free call-out (worth CHF 80.-)

5 PC

Ongoing service optimisation 1)



Swisscom Academy

50.- voucher included 2)


My Service Abo Premium

CHF69.-/mth Go to order
${xtraDiscount} XTRA discount incl.
Instead of ${priceInstead}

1) Constant security check/performance optimisation are included. My Service provides you with help programs that constantly check your computer for vulnerabilities and fix small errors automatically (number of PCs depend on subscription).

2) More about Swisscom Academy.

* Fair use policy applies. For further details see My Service terms and conditions (PDF, 107 kB).

Billed at cost

E-mail setup, printer installation, scanner connection and computer optimisation. Our My Service experts can help with all technical issues.


  • Support in the Swisscom Shop with smartphones and tablets
  • Telephone support
  • On-site support: plus call-out fee CHF 80.-

myCloud starter kit

You can save all your photos, videos and other files online in the cloud with the myCloud service. We show you how to set up your myCloud account.


  • Download app or set up the web client
  • Help with registration
  • Introduction to key functions
  • Quick guide

PC data back-up

You can access your data anywhere, any time. We set up myCloud and show you how to use it.

  • Set up a connection to the PC
  • Create a myCloud account at mycloud.ch
  • Download and set up myCloud desktop
  • Briefly demonstrate and explain the user interface
  • Explain how to use myCloud as a back-up
  • Copy files to your new work folder
  • Present specific possible applications and answer questions


Security package

Hackers, phishing, Trojans: if you surf in the Internet you must ensure that your device is protected. We check your PC and give you tips on how to use it securely


  • Check and adjust security settings
  • Check for any existing malware
  • Update the operating system
  • Update or install anti-virus software for permanent protection
  • Provide advice and practical tips for secure Internet usage.

Plus: Swisscom Internet Security free for 6 months (Swisscom Internet customers only)


Choose your device

No My Service subscription?

For My Service customers, individual services are free of charge.

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Telephone advice:

Mon – Fri: 8 am – 9 pm, Sat: 8 am – 5 pm

We will be happy to work with you to find a solution for your problem. Please send us the contact form. We will call you as soon as possible. Or call us at the number 0800 822 830.

Who helps me with technical problems?

Daniel Shapiro, My Service support agent

Age: 51

Working for Swisscom 8 years and 3 ½ years in this position.

In times of increasing digitization and rapid development, many people feel overwhelmed. Even experts often reach their limits. Help would be available: uncomplicated, efficient and patient - with Swisscom's My Service experts.


The PC does not act how it should, the printer has problems or the new phone is more complicated than expected? Swisscom's My Service helps right here: with all problems with computers, printers, the Internet, smartphones or other technical devices. The practical support is available simply via the hotline 0800 822 830, in Swisscom shops or personally on site. My Service can be booked on a low-cost subscription or on a one-off basis - even from Swisscom non-customers. We asked My Service expert Daniel Shapiro what problems he is facing on a daily basis and how he solves them.


Are there any customers who panic when they call?

Yes, indeed there are, but fortunately not often.

Our job is to calm them down and solve the problem with patience. We usually always succeed. The customers notice immediately that there is someone who can help them competently.

I'm having trouble with my PC and I call the My Service hotline 0800 822 830. What can I expect?

With a computer, we start with remote accessing the device. This is also possible with a printer or a mobile phone. If we cannot solve the problem in this way, we mobilise a technician to come to you.


Does this mean that My service technicians also make home visits?

Correct. This usually happens when we do not get access to the device, i.e. in case of a home network problem or if the Internet connection does not work. Then we solve the problem directly at the customer's home or office.


How long does it take and how much does phone support cost on average?

This can take from 10 minutes up to two hours, depending on the problem. The support costs CHF 40.- per 15 minutes. If someone needs support more often, I recommend a My Service subscription, which we offer monthly from CHF 19.- (standard subscription). In this, the support on the hotline and in the shop is included.


Do you have some further advice for the readers of technical problems?

Many people come only when something happens instead of doing something to prevent problems. A computer behaves similarly to the human body or a car. Even technical equipment needs regular maintenance, so one can prevent malfunctions.

Appointment in a SME Centre

Would you like to personally discuss your smartphone or tablet issue with an expert? Make an appointment in a SME Centre near you.

Legal notice

My Service terms and conditions (PDF, 107 kB)

  • The minimum contract term of the My Service subscription is 12 months.
  • A Fair Use Policy (FUP) applies: See offer terms and conditions for details.
  • The security check/performance optimisation and support for every additional computer costs CHF 10.–/mth.
  • Support over the phone is per remote access on your devices.
  • Additional costs may be incurred for the procurement of required devices (e.g. external hard drives) or services (e.g. online back-up services).
  • Swisscom Shops offer only smartphone and tablet services.

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