Business Telephony

Fixed network telephony is reinventing itself

Thanks to IP technology, brand new possibilities will be opening up in the future for you and your company. These will make life easier for you and your staff, whether you’re working in the office or on the move.

New functions in the office and on the move

Simultaneous ringing

You can set your incoming calls to  ring on another phone, such as your mobile, at the same time as on your landline phone.

Simple call diversion

It’s now easier to set up call diversion than ever before. Either directly in the office or on the move via the Business Telephony app.

Call forwarding

Forward a call to a colleague.

Contact directory

The centrally managed contact directory in the Customer Center allows you to access your contacts on all HD-Phones (Nyon and Sarnen) and on the Business Telephony app.


Callfilter automatically blocks unwanted advertising calls, plus calls from anonymous or unavailable numbers. More

Mobile landline

In three simple steps, you can use your landline number on the move. Learn how here.


Use your landline number away from the office


Business Telephony app

Use of your landline number on the move is included free of charge for every phone number in your inOne SME office package. After activation, simply install an app on your smartphone or a client on your laptop.

You have already inOne SME office

Do you already have inOne SME office and want to use the app to make landline calls on the move? If so, you can download it here:

Setting up app/client

IP phones in the promotion.


  • Max. 5 phone numbers and 2 lines
  • No programmable keys
  • Colour display and large illuminated keys
  • No cable
  • HD sound quality
  • Compatible with Centro Business 2


  • Max. 2 phone numbers and lines
  • Two programmable keys
  • Small black/white display
  • With cable
  • HD sound quality
  • Headset port
  • Compatible with Centro Business 1 and 2

Yealink T46G

  • Max. 10 phone numbers and lines
  • Several programmable keys
  • Large colour display
  • With cable
  • HD sound quality
  • Headset port
  • Compatible with Centro Business 1 and 2


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Use your fixed network number on the move –
with the business telephony app for your smartphone. More

New possibilities with IP

IP (Internet Protocol) is the world’s most successful data transmission technology for images, films, music and voice. Communication is much simpler thanks to the introduction of All IP, since it means all services – including landline telephony – operate over the same network. IP has become established across the world and is fully developed. Many communications networks of large and medium-sized companies already use this technology.


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