Location networking

VDSL or fibre-optic connection

Bandwidths of up to 100 Mbit/s

Setup and operation of the infrastructure in accordance with customer request

Access to all data and applications at all times

Location networking

Your next step to your own company network. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on the optimum solution for your company.

Tailor-made networking

Simplify your employees’ daily collaboration at all sites and branches.

An internal company network on the basis of the Swisscom network simplifies and accelerates the exchange of data. Various sites, the field service, employees who are travelling and those who work from home are all integrated – and all of them can access the company data at any time in accordance with their authorizations.


Product characteristics

  Access to all data at all times thanks to backup functions

  Free router including monitoring

  Free dial-backup on your phone line

  Notification in the event of network interruptions

  Site networking and routing within Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  Dial-backup access with IP address routing including connection fees (VDSL)

  LAN outbound firewall

  Transfer of your IP concept or IP addressing concept to the LAN at your site, incl. management of the IP addresses via DHCP.


Internet speed

   Option of symmetric business profiles with same download and upload speeds


Security and support

  Support from Swisscom during business hours (MON–FRI 7 a.m.–6 p.m.).
  Router operation and maintenance by Swisscom
  Router from verified model range and tested by Swisscom
  The firewall can optionally be operated at Swisscom’s or the customer’s premises

  Security is guaranteed through the Swisscom infrastructure



  DNS service: reroutes requests to own e-mail or web server to the correct address (web/e-mail).
  LAN inbound firewall (NAT service): customer-specific firewall profile for incoming Internet traffic provides even greater security.
  DMZ service (on request): connection of customer’s own e-mail or web servers with additional fixed IP addresses.
  EFT/POS cash desk terminals: secure access for electronic payment transactions.
  Encrypted remote access via Internet by means of a remote access service via VPN
  Quality of service in the VPN (QoS): prioritisation of upstream traffic in the VPN, e.g. for VoIP traffic.